Brushed effect

Brushed effect (brushing, brush) – the process of highlighting along the plank structure and soft wooden fibers or in the other words, this process is also called – artificial aging of wood.

This process is performed by processing the flooring by metal brushes. There could be several levels of brushing: from the light-processing, when the surface roughness is barely visible to the deep-processing, when the pore depth is 2-3mm.

After such processing, on the surface of the plank appears outlines of the annual rings, which were not visible before, therefore the surface of the flooring becomes more distinctive, which under normal circumstances would acquired only during long-term wood aging. Depending on the depth of the brush effect, the structure of the wooden plank could be either more or less distinctive. Thus, brushing allows in a short time achieve the effect which under normal circumstances would be gained only after several years.